Protico - Web3 Chatting Network

A universal chatting interface that breaks all boundaries between Apps and returns social assets back to users


Web3 Project OwnerHsuan, Co-founder & CEO of Blocto
Web3 Project OwnerDavid, Co-founder & COO of Lootex
Web3 Project OwnerLucien, CEO of Hakka Finance
Web3 Project OwnerBofu, Founder of Numbers Protocol
AcceleratorAppWorks, Leading Accelerator in Greater Southeast Asia

Team members

FounderHowie, Founder of Tico
Tech NinjaQuentin, Creator of Hive Keychain
Tech NinjaXenor, Team Lead of Listia & Ink Protocol
Tech NinjaWilson, 17-year-old Web3 Believer
Tech NinjaKaren, SR Engineer of Perfect Corp.